Excursions on Lake Maggiore - Nature on Lake Maggiore - Alternative excursions Lago Maggiore

Around our territory you will find a lot of trekking paths, here some suggestions:

The Alpe Veglia Park
Difference in height: 400 m - Max height 2046 mt - Total walking time 4 h

Protected by the surrounding mountains and with access by car impossible, Alpe Veglia is one of the most popular walks in the Ossola Mountains. From San Domenico you take the chairlift to Alpe Ciamporino where there is an easy trail, with panoramic viewpoints, to Alpe Veglia. Here there is a nature trail connecting all Alpe Veglia's rural hamlets.

The Veglia Devero Natural Park - Walking
Difference in height: 300 mt - Max height 1856 mt - >Total walking time 4 h

Alpe Devero is a rare example of unspoiled countryside: hidden amongst the surrounding mountains it was used for centuries as summer pasture for sheep and cows and has retained its natural beauty. The buildings are all resorted shepherds' dwellings with traditional stone roofs and blend perfectly into their surroundings. Alpe Devero is a perfect departure point for walks to suit all abilities. From Devero the Vallaro Nature Trail leads to the stunning Witches Lake and onwards to the small hamlet of Crampiolo. Nearby is the dam and Lake Devero (Lake Codelago). A fairly easy trail winds its way around the lake offering walkers splendid views. Once back at the dam there is a mettled road leading back to Devero.

The Abandoned Villages of the Vigezzo Valley - Walking
Difference in height: 200 mt - Max height 1856 mt - Total walking time 4 h

The Vigezzo Valley offers numerous walking trails, from steep ascents to the highest summer pastures to easier walks exploring the valley's small towns. The Vigezzina Railway enables you to travel easily up the valley in its little blue train. Departing from Druogno (2726ft) you reach Sasseglio (2782ft) and then Coimo, a small village known for its rye bread. Descend towards Mozzio then head for the River Melezzo before climbing once again to Marone, an abandoned village. You continue to Verigo, a village abandoned during the 50's due to the threat of a landslide, before reaching the Rio Graglia Watermills. From here it is a short walk to Trontano where the narrow gauge Vigezzina Railway takes you back to Domodossola.

The Cadorna Line, an Example of Wartime Architecture
Difference in height: 500 mt - Max height 1534 mt - Total walking time 5 h

Established in the years preceding the First World War along part of the Italian-Swiss border, the Cadorna Line is a unique example of wartime architecture which is today used for civilian purposes. In the hills above Verbania, starting from Piancavallo, the wide trail of the Cadorna Line offers splendid panoramic views of Lake Maggiore. On the trail, which eventually leads to Mount Morissolo, you will find fortifications which would have housed artillery squadrons. The trail continues through the woods to Colle, from where it climbs to Mount Spalavera and back to Colle via Pian d'Alpe.