Places to visit at the lake

The enchanting little lakeside town of Baveno, is of Roman origin, and is famous for its mineral water springs and its quarries of pink granite, and as a holiday resort. The fine lakefront promenade offers a superb view of the Borromean Islands, which can be reached by boats leaving from Baveno harbour.

The town is dotted with precious architectural attractions, famous hotels, residences, camping villages and sumptuous villas, among which Villa Henfrey-Branca, where Queen Victoria stayed, and Villa Fedora, which belonged to the famous composer Umberto Giordano and now houses the Chamber of Commerce of the Verbano-Cusio –Ossola area. Every year, in the month of July, in Baveno takes place the Festival in memory of Umberto Giordano, 15 days of music, poetry and literature.

Baveno is also renowned for its pink granite (some of the most important monuments in the world have been made of this material) and the monumental complex of the parish Church of SS. Gervasio and Protasio.

At 3 km. from the Baveno, we find the town of Feriolo. The village lies in a quiet bay on the Borromeo Gulf, enchanting all comers with its magical charm. Here you see cheery, colourful houses along the bank of the lake, and one boat after another on the lake. Feriolo, with its lakeside promenade, the beaches, the rustic houses and characteristic balconies, is indeed a most rewarding destination for tourists.