Visitors are required to possess a fishing license (byelaw no. 37/06, Art. 19, c. 1) when engaged in fishing at an amateur level at Lake Maggiore and in the inland waters of the region, with exception to private water surfaces.

The Piedmont Region with the byelaw L.r. No. 5 of 4th February 2014, Art. 14 regulated the payment of the fishing permission, valid from 1st January 2015.

The temporary fishing permission (license type D) issued by the Piedmont Region can be purchased at a cost of € 14,00 that can be paid online through the PagoPA system via credit card or homebanking.

Follow the instructions in order to make the payment. Choose “Rilascio licenza di pesca”, then click on the button “Estera”. Fill in the blanks with family name, name and e-mail, and select “Licenza di tipo D – Dilettantistica per stranieri” (License type D). Once you have completed this procedure, you can download the receipt.

The permission is valid for three months from the date of payment.

In oder to fish from the shores of Lake Maggiore, whose waters are concession of the FIPSAS association, it is requested the payment of € 30 for the FIPSAS registration card. Children born from 2007 on are required to obtain the FIPSAS registration card at € 6 only.

With this permission you can fish on the waters of Lake Maggiore, no booklet (segnacatture) will be necessary.
If you want to fish on internal lakes or along the rivers of the region, it is requested the payment of € 10,00 for the FIPSAS booklet. Children under 14 years old do not need it.

If you want to fish from a boat, a payment of € 50,00 (yearly permission), € 20,00 (weekly permission), € 10,00 (daily permission) is mandatory.

When requested, the receipt attesting the payment of the related tax (the FIPSAS registration card and the booklet) must be shown to the competent authorities together with a valid ID of the holder.