Lake Mergozzo is a small lake not far from Lake Maggiore (1 km) and it is famous for its limpid and clean water (1st in Europe). Of great interest the ancient little town of Mergozzo with its century-old elm-tree on the promenade, the Romanesque style Church of Santa Marta, its characteristic houses built with the stone of Ossola and the Antiquarium, a museum which houses a rich collection of pre-historic and roman founds dated in the first centuries a. C.
The small village of Montorfano boasts an undeniable historical and archaeological interest thanks to the presence of the Romanesque Church of San Giovanni Battista (XII century). Archaeological excavations revealed the presence of an old church and its baptistery, adding more charm to this old site.
Not far from Mergozzo, the Candoglia quarries are close connected to the magnificent Duomo of Milan. In fact, this is the source of the precious pink marble used for the construction of the renowned Milan masterpiece and is still used for related maintenance and restoration work.
Of great interest, in the surrounding area, the small towns of Bracchio, Albo, Bettola, Nibbio, with their houses built with stones and their religious building in Romanesque style.
Last but not least the so-called “Linea Cadorna” (Cadorna Line), a path which winds its way on the Montorfano with military fortifications, defensive works, artillery stations and trenches of the First World War (1915-1918).
On the shore of lake Mergozzo three comfortable and well equipped campsites will welcome you with their hospitality.

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