Lake Maggiore acts as a boundary between Piedmont and Lombardy, with the extreme northern sector which noses into Switzerland.
It is a highly sought after tourist destination, thanks to the wonderful likeside “Bell’ษpoque” gardens, the fascinating flora of its parks, the mild climate and the presence of excellent tourist facilities and well equipped campsite for the camping life lovers.
The southern sector of lake Maggiore is a little bit narrow but it opens on the Borromeo Gulf and is marked by a rich Mediterranean vegetation and coniferous plants. Rivers and streams, sandy beaches and rocky mountains offer a wide range of choice to those who wants to spend a pleasant holiday in one of our campsites. For sport fans there is the possibility to do either mountain sports, such as trekking, nordic walking, mountain biking, climbing or hang gliding, or water sports: water skiing, rowing, sailing, windsurfing, swimming, rafting and fishing.