Places to visit in the mountains

The Antrona Valley is one of the seven valleys making up the Ossola area. The Antrona Valley is a land of ancient traditions where you can still come across ancient communal bred ovens, wine-presses, and house built of wood and stone in the old Alpine style. The villages scattered throughout the valley have a uniquestyle of architecture deep in marvelous landscapes in which enchanting mountain lakes shimmer among woods of birch and larch.
Numerous trails over gentle or rugged territory offer the possibility of relaxing walks, more strenuous hiking or mountain biking.

The road of the valley winds up through the villages of Montescheno, Seppiana, Viganella and San Pietro before reaching the capital: Antrona Piana. Here the 13th century parish church of San Lorenzo is worth, as are the 17th century oratories of Sant’anna and the Blessed Virgin of the Snow.

Of all the Ossola Valley, Antrona is one of the least known and the farthest off the beaten track, which has enabled it to keep its genuine feature. The lakes which are a feature of the valley are used to produce hydro-electric power; the mail artificial reservoirs are Lago di Campliccioli and Lago Alpe dei Cavalli, the largest lake in the valley dominated by dense fir woods.

The main peaks are Pizzo d’Andolla, Pizzo Bottarello and Punta di Saasall of them on the border with Switzerland.
The Valle Antrona Natural Park is a must for anyone in search of peace, wild landscapes, unspoiled places, mountain lakes, good food and friendly people.