Places to visit in the mountains

The Bognanco Valley, which starts behind Domoddossola, features lush vegetation and several springs of pure water.

The main village in the valley, also called Bognanco, owes its fame to these springs, the curative properties of which were discovered in 1863. The Spa Centre of Bognanco dates from this time, and was built in the Parco delle Sortgenti amid gardens and luxuriant woodland.

From here the road winds uphill to where the valley opens out into a beautiful prospect of mountain slopes covered with chestnut and fir woods alternating with broad Alpine pastures. The higher part of the valley, where the village of San Lorenzo nestles, is a board cirque of meadows and woods surmounted by rugged peaks.
The Bognanco Valley is an ideal summer holiday centre for anyone in search of close contact with Alpine nature, offering a wealth of mountain flora, pure air and, of course, an abundance of health-giving water.

The valley offers numerous summer trekking and winter snow shoeing routes. There are many other excursions available for experience walkers and also the less well-trained: Fornalino, Cima Verosso, Gattascosa, the three Lakes of Paione, the Moscera Pass and Pizzo Straciugo, among others. Routes surrounded by untouched and evocative natural environments, in which it’s not uncommon to encounter the rich mountain fauna of this region.