Places to visit in the mountains

The Mount Mottarone (1,491 m), which divides Lake Maggiore from Lake Orta, offers one of the most breathtaking panorama. The sight is unique: an uninterrupted 360° panorama from the Ligurian Apennines and the Maritime Alps, to the Monte Rosa massif, the Monviso and the high peaks of Switzerland, across the Po Plain, and the unequalled spectacle of seven lakes.

Woth visting are the “Alpinia Botanic Garden” located in Alpino. The garden, at an altitude of 800 metres, is extremely interesting to naturalists due to its huge, varied collection of botanic species from the Alps and the Alpine foothills, as well as from the Caucasus, China and Japan.

Mottarone offers hiking enthusiasts a myriad of paths of historical and scenic interest, through mature woods.

The Mottarone is not only fantastic to view, but it is a land where you can have fun in every season: from Alyland, a bobsleigh on rails, the main attraction for children and adults, to different sports.

For mountain biking enthusiasts, Mount Mottarone offers exciting descents to practice downhill along appropriately marked tracks of different levels of difficulty and lengths.