At La Frua (1861 m a.s.l.), the Formazza Valley offers what is considered to be the "Alps" most beautiful leap": The Toce Waterfall. The waters of this sensational natural display launch themselves into the void from a height of 143m and reach a width of 60 meters at the base. Interestingly enough the waters from the waterfall, which are used for hydroelectric purposes, are therefore partially led into a forced duct and are "freed" in all their majestic force only on certain days and during certain time bands of the summer.

The waterfall can be visited during summer, on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, only on fixed hours.

The historical village of Formazza is famous for its origins: it was founded in the 13th century by the walser people and in the nearby village of Ponte it’s possible to visit the museum of the forest which houses accounts of ancient life in the valley.

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