Higly appreciated by nature lovers, rich in flora and fauna, lake Maggiore offers a wide range of natural attractions: the Valgrande National Park, the Natural Park of river Ticino, the Regional Park of Campo dei Fiori, the natural Park of Lagoni di Mercurago, the natural Reserve of Fondotoce, the natural Reserve of Sacro Monte in Ghiffa, the Oasi of Boscotenso, the little lake of Solivo, of Pian dei Sali, the faunistic oasis in Macugnaga, the Natural Mountain Park of Veglia and Devero, the Holy Mountain Calvario in Domodossola and many others landscapes of natural beauty.

Founded in 1992, the National Park of Valgrande with its 14.598 hm is the most extended “wild area” in Italy, a large and unspoilt island of valleys and mountains which starts from the lake Maggiore and extends until it meets the southern sector of the Alp (Val d’Ossola, Val Vigezzo e Val Cannobina). Its wilderness arose out of the abandonment, after the second world war, of the agricultural and pastoral activities that for centuries had accompanied the presence of man in the area. Now the vegetation has prevailed again taking the Val Grande back to its original natural heritage of the past.

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